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People share their success stories with us...

Message from: Ogo O., qualified in Nigeria:

"I want to thank you and all the staff at One World Studies for the support I received whilst sitting for my QLTT and also to let you know that I have passed all my QLTT exams. Thanks a lot."


Message from Anthony B., qualified in South Africa:

"All your course material was excellent but especially the accounts section. Very simple and concise and better than XXX or YYY notes - by far! 

Thanks for your help."


Message from Francesco D. M., qualified in Italy:

"I would like to thank you again for your help and for your continuing updates of the course material. You will be pleased to know that I passed three heads of the QLTT (Common Law and Litigation last September, Property, Wills and Probate last December)."


Message from:  Salman A., qualified in Pakistan

"Just thought I'd let you know that I have passed all the QLTT exams, I got an A, A, and B.
I have already been offered a job with a leading law firm and I am flying out next month to join them.

Thanks for all your help and support."


Message from: Suresh S., qualified in India:

"I want to thank you so much for your personal care for your candidates. In all honesty, i count my self lucky to be associated with One World Studies. Thank you, once again for all your help. I am really very grateful."


Message from Anothony H., qualified in the USA:
I am writing to inform you of my successful completion of Heads I, II and III.  With the use of your outstanding materials I passed each exam on the first sitting. Thank you all.

Message from: Annette M., qualified in The Netherlands:

"Thank you for the 3 emails and the material in there. I do appreciate you answering all my questions so patiently."


Message from: David P., qualified in the USA:

"The responsiveness of your organization is very impressive. I will be recommending you to other attorneys I know who are interested in this program."


Message from: Mira J., qualified in Australia

"I have found the study material detailed with a lot of solutions for the questions. I find it very useful."


Message from: Karl O., qualified in Nigeria:

"The materials were great, very comprehensive and easy to follow."


Message from John B., qualified barrister in the UK:

"Your great customer service skill is highly appreciated. I will be speaking to you again soon."


Message from: Loh W. Y., qualified in Malaysia:

"Thanks a lot. I only received updates of professional conduct and accounts which I have printed out and the questions and suggested answers which I find are very helpful.
Thanks again."


Message from Jason F., qualified in Canada:

"I found the course materials to be quite good.  Comparing my relative confidence with that of my test-mates after the exam, I would say that I found the questions to be relatively more straight forward than most.  I am much impressed."

Message from Lachlan M., qualified as a barrister in the UK:

"I have now completed the QLTT and successfully enrolled as a solicitor. Thank you for your help in enabling me to achieve this qualification."


Message from Henriette O., qualified in Nigeria:

"I can happily announce that I successfully passed the QLTT! I am very glad and thankful for your help! Great materials! Many thanks!"

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