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Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test - QLTT 2007/8

It is insufficient in this era to master a single legal system only, in view of the growing competitiveness among lawyers. This is especially true as a result of the globalization trends that tend to make the whole world into one big village, through the development of international trade and open markets, the growth and strengthening of the European Union, as well as the growth and proliferation of multi-national corporations.






Along with New York and Tokyo, London is one of the world's three largest financial centers, with a dominant role in several international financial markets, including worldwide bank lending, international bond issuance and trading, foreign-exchange trading, fund management, foreign equities trading and much more.






These general advancements bring about changes in the nature of work of lawyers and the law offices environment technically and professionally. The mergers of law offices and proliferation of worldwide partnerships and cooperation among law offices, obligate law firms to enlist foreign legal experts and lawyers who are familiar with the "Alien Legal System" in their remote business arena.






Many International businesses and corporations are expanding into EU markets and the legal counseling they require is increasingly more in the nature of competition advice concerning the establishment of distribution channels. Moreover, International law firms are desire to establish cross-referral relationships with other solicitors from England and Europe. There are many British companies, businesses and other interests almost in every country around the world, and mutually beneficial networking opportunities are abundant.






Furthermore, the accreditation as an English solicitor provides one with the ability to work within the European Community countries. This is in accordance with the Establishment of Lawyers Directive No. 98/5/EC passed by the European Parliament and Council of European Union in February 1998. The Directive's main purpose is to enable lawyers from one EU member state (the home state) to practice in another EU member state (the host state). The Directive was implemented in the United Kingdom on 22nd of May 2000. Please be advised that registration as a lawyer in the host state is possible only if you are a citizen of the European Union.






Therefore, qualification as an English Solicitor should obviously enhance the ability of lawyers wherever they are to service their clients and is essential to building a two-way network of solicitors. Moreover, a local lawyer who acquires the ability to work within different legal systems provides himself with a professional advantage over his colleagues and competitors.



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